Wednesday, September 9, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things... or places

Since I was a kid, I've traveled quite a bit throughout the country. Now that I'm a little older I've also been to Latin America a couple times, and to Ireland. Narrowing down my thoughts to write about my #1 favorite place is tough, but I found when I really thought about it, as much as I love traveling, home is where my heart. More specifically I love the East and West parts of North Carolina. (Not to discount the Piedmont, I grew up in Raleigh and have love for it too...)

When I was looking at colleges I narrowed down my choices to either Appalachain or UNCW. Which shows you my preferences. Being in the Appalachain mountains always leaves me in awe of nature, and the small town culture that is so prevelent there. I love the way the air seems so fresh, and the mountains make me feel safe, as they surround me on all sides. The bright oranges and yellows in Autumn, and the crispness of the weather are like no other.

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