Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Epictetus' Adivce on the Art of Living

While reading Epictetus the overriding concept that came up again and again and stood out to me was the idea of doing what you think is right without worry or care what other people think of you. Epictetus seemed to reiterate this idea in multiple entries. He advocates taking a stand for your beliefs after careful thought, but not letting your ego or reputation stop you. I think it can often be difficult to be counter cultural (Especially as I'm taking a class on popular culture right now and learning just what a force it is...), or go against the grain of things, when in reality, the only way change will ever come about is by doing so. Therefore, I found Epictetus' advice intriguing and inspiring. One blurb that comes to mind is "Character Matters More Than Reputation." Doing what's right is hardly ever easy, and often to be biblical for a moment- "The Prophet is rejected in their hometown." But if our aim is to be moral and have good character, not to be liked, than we have nothing to worry about.

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